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Like CrossFit, marathons and triathlons, obstacle-course racing requires specific training, but the skill set is wildly different. To finish an OCR, you’ll need endurance, upper-body strength, good balance, and, perhaps most importantly, mental fortitude. To succeed, you need total body fitness.

Do you need to be signed up for a Spartan Race? Absolutely not! The skills learned and fitness achieved is usable in almost every aspect of life. You can certainly run that first OCR, color run, or mud run utilizing the capabilities gained from our Spartan Group Exercise (SGX) program.

Our program has micro cycles that are broken down into 3 separate phases. Each phase builds on one another and is designed to train individuals in a group environment preparing them for the physical and mental demands of a Spartan Race or OCR of their choosing.


  1. Function Phase
    • Establish a base level of conditioning
    • Address Mobility, Stability, Agility and Balance
  2. Fitness Phase
    • Build on base conditioning with advanced exercise progressions
    • Increase metabolic demand and tighten up nutrition
  3. Performance Phase
    • Maximize physical output and strengthen mental tenacity
    • Become race ready!

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